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Contactless and mobile Near-Field Communication (NFC) use radio frequency technology to perform transactions, and with a simple tap, the Card or mobile phone and fare gate exchange secure payment information.

Contactless and mobile NFC payments in transit offer a tremendous opportunity to streamline fare gate operations, helping reduce the costs and resources associated with a proprietary fare system, while creating an easier and more rewarding customer experience for travelers.


Contactless and mobile NFC technology offer benefits that may help transit merchants in the following ways:

Optimize payments:

  • By using existing payment industry solutions to help solve for their ongoing transit ticketing operational challenges.

Improve customer experience:

  • By helping make it easier, more convenient and rewarding to travel more often.

How it Works


Step 1

Travelers look for the universal contactless indicator on the back of their Card and the contactless symbol at the fare gate that indicates contactless enablement.


Contactless Symbol at Point-of-Sale:



Contactless Indicator¹:



¹ Universal Contactless Symbol and Indicator are owned by EMVCo, LLC., the standards body for contact and contactless specifications which is jointly owned by American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay and Visa.


Step 2

Travelers tap their contactless American Express Card or mobile-NFC enabled device to pay in front of the reader which uses radio frequency technology to transfer transaction data.


Step 3

Travelers move through fare gate and travel to their destination.

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